28 mars 2013

Långfredagen - Kristna i Mellanösten

Support the Holy Land on Good Friday

Evangelical compassion helps to understand the need of the Good Friday collection in support of our brothers and sisters who are in the Places of our, along with their pastors, who are experiencing the mystery of Christ, crucified and risen for the salvation of humanity.

With the traditional letter addressed to the bishops around the world, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri also recalls the importance this year of promoting the special "Pro Terra Sancta" collection on Good Friday of this year, March 29. A way to concretely support the Christian presence in these places, from the custody of the "stones of memory," to shrines, to that of this land’s "living stones,” the local communities.

The cardinal, in his letter, recalls the outlooks and actions of the last three pontiffs in regards to the Holy Land and the Middle East ... "Christians who live in Israel and Palestine - he writes - but also Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt are part of, in a broader sense, the land of Jesus, we must find the same outlook of faith.

Leonardo Sandri är kardinal av Romersk-katolsk kyrka . Han är den nuvarande prefekten för kongregationen för de orientaliska kyrkorna i romerska kurian

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