10 juni 2015

A letter from Gaza

I have facebook friend in Gaza, received a few days ago, this message from him

Peace, mercy and blessings of God I am Ahmed from Gaza, I'm 25 years old, a graduate of the University two years ago. Due to the seige and blockade on Gaza I cannot find a job. Because the borders are closed my family suffers from poverty. We have 11 members in my family and only a small house.

My brothers work for the government, but they receive no pay cheque. We are dependent on United Nations organizations to provide assistance. This assistance is only basic to survive, not to to grow and thrive. My project goal is to break this dependence. I need your help and your support because I want to open a small project farm, to raise chickens and rabbits. A small farm would allow me to grow animals that I could then sell to people for profit, creating a sustainable business to support my family. Due to the blockade, it is difficult for many jobs to exist. A local farm is one of the few options we have. My goal is to raise $2,000. With this money I can begin to purchase animal feed, cages, and all the requirements to raise chickens and rabbits. I will purchase a few baby animals to raise and then breed more. As they get older, I can sell the chicken eggs in the markets, and eventually sell the animals to customers as food.

This money is all I need to get started, after this the money I make from selling can support the farm and my family. This is for my future and to help my family ... The devastating effects of the war, siege and poverty, most days are very unhappy and bleak as there is no future to look forward to right now. Having a small family gives me a future to think about. Youth constitute a large proportion of Palestinian society, we have the highest unemployment in the world. 

War has created many problems but the youth still aspirations but it is becoming weaker as time goes on. This rarely draws the attention of the decision makers except to the extent that the poverty helps their cause. Palestinian youth suffer a double marginalization, from the blockade, but also many times from the leaders in the community. The Occupation and settlements have repressed our Rights and Freedoms.

There is in our midst a general feeling of frustration, anxiety and fear of the future, and in particular student graduates who have spent many years on the primary and secondary school and university to find themselves as part of the army of unemployed who are unable to work, days turn into months, months in years, the dreams of students fade. 

This negative impact unemployment on the psyche and personality of unemployed graduates, worsens our economic and social status instead of participating and producing in society. The current dependency we have on aid creates an aversion creativity and innovation. Thank you for listening to my story. I wait for your help. God willing this small project can give some freedom to palestinians. God bless you

We can not help everyone, but I have chosen to send a sum of money through Western Union
What you do is that you send the money to the land of Palestine and the name Ahmed Hamza almassri, then you get a code that you send via his Facebook
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  1. "Tack för att lyssna på min historia. Jag väntar på din hjälp. Gud vill denna lilla projekt kan ge viss frihet till palestinierna. Gud välsigne dig God bless you", sedan ser vi sönderbombade bygnader....

    Ett decennium efter det att Israel lämnade Gaza förblir bekant men ändå olika...
    Maurizio Molinari, en korrespondent för den italienska tidningen La Stampa, åkte tillbaka till bosättningarna Israel evakuerade under sommaren 2005.
    Området besparats destruktionen - http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4667720,00.html